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Related post: Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 16:39:47 -0700 (PDT) From: Silvenfox Subject: The Chosen: Reflecting Equation - 2The following is a complete work of fiction.Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.Disclaimer:The following story may contain erotic situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. Also expect blood, gore, incredibly funny scenes and super-powered teenagers with a destiny to save the world. If you're not a fan of any of these plus strong cursing and violence then this is not your type of story. Chapter 2 Nathaniel's parlour room was hot and the silence was so solid that you could stand on it. Nobody had said a word in over several minutes. I looked like shit and I couldn't bring myself to care. We all were covered in dust and our clothes legal preteen feet needed a sweet preteen boy good wash. Nothing ruined a good outfit like a mall collapsing while you're inside.Nathaniel walked into the room with a phone in his hand. "I just got off the phone with the hospital. There were no serious injuries."No deaths, was what went unsaid. Kevin squeezed my shoulder as all the tension relaxed in my back muscles. Ryan moved over to the window, gazing out at the setting sun. He was cold. There were no other words for it. His face was blank, emotionless, and had stayed that way since he and Kevin dragged me out of the chaos I caused.My fingers dug into my thighs as emotions, hot and dark, jack hammered at my chest. I rubbed at my heart, lowering my head as a ragged breath sobbed out. Kevin immediately wrapped an arm around me, sliding close as sorrow and heartbreak threatened to due me in."Ssh," Kevin murmured, sliding his fingers through my hair. "It'll be alright. Promise."I laughed bitterly. "You don't understand. Me and Adam are soul mates. He's mine and I'm his, forever, every day. When I picture my life thirty years or forty years now, he's there. I go to sleep at night and he's the last thing I think about and I smile." Tears pooled in my eyes. "I don't care about my crown, powers or any of that. The greatest thing I've ever done in my life is love him with all my heart and soul... and now..." Another sob came, this time stronger. "Now he doesn't want me anymore.""Don't cry, Care Bear," said Kevin. "Don't cry."The tears fell and I looked up at him pleadingly. "What's wrong me, Kevin? Why do guys keep treating me like crap? Am I really that horrible? I know I talk too much and I'm childish and immature most of the time-""Stop that," demanded Kevin sharply, cutting me off. He stared at me with eyes hard as ice, slowly going warm as we locked gazes. "You're wonderful."I closed my eyes and sighed. "Too bad no one cute preteens naked else agrees.""I agree," Nathaniel interjected, taking a seat on the piano bench. "You boys are like my own children. I'm sure we can work this all out."Ryan snorted. "Killian Morris can go to hell."Nathaniel blanched. "You don't mean that."His expression was as serious as a heart attack. "Tell that to the brick I threw through his car window when we were leaving.""Really Ryan, preteen girl alt vandalism?" asked Nathaniel.Ryan flicked his bangs away, preteen tiny titty mouth turned in a fierce smirk. "Reciprocation.""Right on!" Kevin laughed, smiling approvingly.Nathaniel rolled his eyes. "I know you two are hurt, but this has to be resolved. If you boys can't work together... I don't know."He was right. At the end of the day this would affect the entire team. I bit my lower lip, fighting the urge to just curl up and cry. The scene from the mall went through my mind in a never-ending loop. I never thought I would be one of those woe is me criers, who pinned after preteen boy toon their ex. But I was. Something was broken inside. terra preteen ls I didn't feel like myself. Hollow was the best description for the feeling.Why? Why would Adam do this to me? I wanted, needed answers.I felt sick, consumed with artistic erotic preteen pain and anger, and the overwhelmingly feeling that my capacity for love ceased to be. My hands were shaking so badly preteen newsgroups list that Kevin was shooting me worried looks that I pointedly ignored.I buried my face into Kevin's shoulder, partially to dry my tears and also to hide my miserable face. "I'm tired.""Did you see where Adam and Killian went?" asked Nathaniel.Kevin snorted. "We were too busy hauling ass out of the mall as, you know, it started to come down around us.""Have they tried contacting you boys?"Ryan shook his head. "Chad's burst of magic acted like am EM pulse. It fried every piece of hardware in the entire building. Phones, computers, watches you name it.""You could try not being on their side so much," said Kevin, leveling Nathaniel with a glare. "Last time I checked they were the cheating cheaters who cheat.""This isn't about sides," replied Nathaniel, neutrally. "It's about knowing all of you the same. Nothing will change how I feel about any of you."Ryan raised an eyebrow, gray eyes chillingly cool. "So you're Switzerland?""I just don't want to see any of you hurt.""Too late for that," I muttered, voice muffled through Kevin's shirt. I picked my head up and smiled weakly.Nathaniel ran a hand through his hair. "I never thought I would see the day any of this would happen."I didn't want to think this was possible either, but deep down I think a small part of me had been waiting for this. I wasn't always looking for the bad, but so much good just wasn't possible. I had the good and now here was the bad. And it was fucking bad.My mind flashed to Adam's arms slipping around Killian, their heads leaning in, and then the kiss. Why, why, why? I hadn't loved anyone before Adam, and now I didn't think I would love anyone after. I dropped my head into my hands and sobbed, Kevin's hand was firm on my shoulder. I never felt such pain in my life. Something was ripping my body apart, tearing out my heart.Ryan looked down at his hands, absentmindedly. "Our anniversary was coming up, too. I thought he was sneaking around the mall to buy me a gift." He cracked a smile that was bitter best preteen models and sad, unnatural on his somber face. "Stupid me.""Don't do that yourself, man," said Kevin.Nathaniel moved over to the dark haired boy, and laid a hand on his shoulder. preteen topless videos "He's right, Ryan. Don't close off your emotions."Ryan stood up quickly, moving over to the window. He turned his back to the room and said icily, "I'm not the crying type.""You don't have to do this Terminator routine," said Kevin softly. "You're hurt. I understand-"There was a low growl and Ryan rounded on him, eyes blazing. "You don't understand shit, Kevin! Your boyfriend wasn't slutting around with another man right in front of you. You don't understand what I'm feeling. You don't get to play the sympathy card."Laying my hand on his arm, I stopped Kevin from speaking. "But I know how you're feeling, Ryan."He deflated, then and there, anger draining from his face. "Sorry... I can feel them... my emotions. It's too much. I'm afraid if I give into them I'll either cry or rage and if I start... I won't be able to stop.""I'm the poster boy of uncontrollable emotions," I replied with a weak smile. "I destroyed the mall."Kevin squeezed my arm. "A crime to the gays."I shot preteen erotic cartoon him a shaky smile. It didn't reach my eyes. I couldn't find my sense of humor if it was right in front of me. It was kind of hard to laugh when misery surged in my veins rather than blood."How long do you think petite preteen galleries they've been fooling around?" asked Ryan distantly, wrapping his arms around his middle.Nathaniel sighed. "I don't think its best to question that.""Why not?" Ryan asked bitterly. "Secrets out, isn't it."Kevin sighed. "You're going to drive yourself nuts if you think like that, man.""I just want to know how long my boyfriend has been cheating on me. It's a legitimate thought."I knew what he was doing. He was distancing himself from the situation. It might work for him to cut away his emotions, but for me the pain erotice preteen story was like a knife in the chest.My eyes narrowed as I said forcefully, "I don't want to hear about it anymore. I..." My voice broke. "I need time. Talking about it makes me remember... I can't. Not right now."His eyes softened and he muttered, "Sorry..." He let out a breath, hanging his head. "I'm sorry.""It's alright, Ry'," I said tiredly. "I get it."Ryan shook his head. "I've still been out of line. I'm sorry too, Kevin."Kevin waved his hand dismissively. "S'okay. You have a damn good reason."There was a loud slam that reverberated from the hallway followed by a thunder of footsteps. I tensed up as both Killian and Adam appeared in the doorway, mini model preteens out of breath and identical expressions of worry etched on their faces."Thank, God!" exclaimed Killian. "Where did you guys go? We started to think you didn't make it out of the mall. Your phones kept going to voicemail..."Adam put a hand on his arm, stopping him, his stare never leaving my own tear stricken eyes. His brow furrowed and he let out a soft, "Baby?" taking a step forward.Suddenly, preteen girls pictures Killian was pushed to the side. Adam is slammed against the wall opposite the doorway with impossible quickness. I hadn't even seen Kevin move. He took a gasping breath as Kevin curled his fists into Adam's shirt."Do you remember what the hell I told you when I jumped?" Kevin yelled, pulling Adam forward only to slam him back again. There was a painful thud as gay preteens video Adam's head connected with the wall. "What did I fucking tell you?"I remembered how that went. How could I not? Adam's arms held me tight, pinning me to his chest, as Kevin prepared to give his life to save the world. Adam had promised to look after and protect me. He'd promised with his life."I told you to protect him," Kevin hissed, slowly lifting him up till his feet scraped against the carpet. "You fucking promised me and you go pull this shit!"Killian made a noise of surprise. "What the hell?""I'll be getting to you in a minute," promised Kevin darkly.Nathaniel rose up from the couch. "Kevin!" There was a surge of power in the room that knocked the man back. Kevin's eyes began to glow a brilliant silver. "Bloody hell, preteen models indexes Kevin!" Nathaniel snapped from the floor. "Let him go now, damn it!"Adam leveled Kevin with a fierce glare and there was a clap like the sound of thunder. An invisible telekinetic pulse slammed into Kevin, sending him skidding back and knocking him into the coffee table. Adam fell to his knees and then climbed to his feet, holding the wall for support. He nailed Kevin a confused an angry glare and then his stare landed on me, full of hurt and bewilderment."Ryan what's going on?" asked Killian anxiously, wringing his hands as he looked between both Kevin and Adam's standoff.Ryan shook his head and laughed a little hysterically. "We saw you, Killian. We fucking saw you two."He didn't look so good. Whatever bit of coldness he was clinging to was crumbling. His emotionless mask was falling and fast. His lower lip quivered and his hands were jerking, like he didn't know what to do with them. It was heartbreaking to watch.Killian lifted his hand, taking a hesitant step forward. "Ry'- I...""Don't, just... preteen private collection don't," Ryan demanded quietly, his voice cracking as tears welled in his eyes. No one moved or spoke. "I... can't even look at you right now."He took off out of the room with a speed that he only ever used as the Executioner. Killian called his name and then took off after him not even a beat later.Kevin glared at Adam. "There's the door. You know the way out, bitch.""I need to talk to my boyfriend, Kevin.""That ship has sailed. Now leave."Adam squared his shoulders. "I'm not leaving, Kevin. Now get out of my way."Kevin stiffened and straightened to his full height. A light began to glow softly from his skin, particularly about his head in a halo of silver brilliance. The air thickened as holy power thrummed in the room."I'm not letting you anywhere near my brother. Leave."Adam lowered his body into a martial arts stance and raised preteens undressing nude his hands up, curling his fingers over his palms. He looked more than ready to go head to head with the champion of balance."I don't know what your deal is but I need to talk to him," said Adam coolly. Yet he couldn't stop the glimmer of tears from slipping down his cheeks. "And if I have to fight you to do it. Bring it."I stood up shakily. "Kevin move. I'll underage preteen xxx talk to him.""Chad no!" said Kevin, turning to stare at me disbelievingly. "Fuck him!""Kevin, Nathaniel leave. Please," I said, soft and low.I pleaded with my eyes and Nathaniel tugged on Kevin's wrist to get him to completely leave the room. He left with a worried expression and a sigh. I waited four minutes till I finally looked up and at Adam. Tears trailed down his cheeks as he stared at me, still wearing that expression of confusion and hurt. I wasn't any better. I felt wrecked, probably looked worse."Adam..." I sucked in a shuddering breath. "It's over. Just-just go away and leave me alone..."He let out a noise that sounded like a choked off sob. "Why are you saying these things to me?"I clenched my fists, glaring. "I don't even want to talk about it. I'm done.""Please, tell me. I don't understand," Adam pleaded, staring at me with eyes made red from crying. He looked utterly devastated and betrayed.Witnessing his expression, I felt a surge of anger. "Don't look at me like that. Do you want pity? Have you lost your fucking mind?""Talk to me," Adam said with a rasp, sniffling. "What the hell's going on? I went to the bathroom and then everything just went to hell. I preteen nudists models saw Killian outside and we preteen hot horny looked for you. Now that I find you, you're pissed and breaking up with me."A art preteen models humorless laugh bubbled out of my throat. He omitted the making out part. Bastard. "Get the hell out.""No."I took in his determined stance and his mouth that thinned preteen kiddy porn into a frown. "Excuse me?""I'm not going anywhere," said Adam, stepping forward. "I still don't know what's happening and why my boyfriend is breaking up with me. I deserve an explanation."He stared me down taking a step in my direction with each word spoken. My heart thudded loud in my throat as he advanced. I backed up with each movement till my back hit solidly against the wall. I took a breath and looked up into his vicky preteen sex eyes that were focused on me resolutely."Get the hell away from me," I bit out.Adam stepped closer. He was a hairs breath away. One breath away from a kiss. "Tell me.""I saw you kissing Killian, asshole. We all did."He staggered back and preteen crossdressing galleries fell against the couch. Shock was written all over his face. He gaped at me for a full minute, his mouth just opening and closing. I crossed my arms, glowering at his actions."We illeagle preteen pics saw you, Adam," I repeated, and for a second I wasn't sure who I was repeating it for. His benefit or mine. A nagging feeling pulled at thoughts.Adam frowned. "I've never kissed Killian in my life. Swear to God.""I know what I saw Adam."He stood up taking a cautious step toward me. "I don't know what you saw, sweetheart, but it wasn't me. I promise. I would young preteen nipple never..." He stepped all into my space rape preteen girls and I moved back, but the wall proved to be unmovable. Adam cupped my face and tilted his head. "You know my heart."The tenderness and sweetness alone in the tone is almost enough to do me fucking in. The thing was I did know him. I also know what I saw, what we saw, was real and true."I just... I can't do this with you, Adam," I said, my voice holding shades of regret and pain.Adam stepped forward pressing his body full against mine. I felt magic sizzle in response to my chaotic emotions, rising up to blow him back to the pre ice age. He leaned his head down and our foreheads gently touched, pressing against one another as we met eyes."Let me go, Adam," I said slowly, tired. "It's over.""It's never over," he said desperately, his breath a warm puff against my cheeks. "I'm yours and you're mine. Forever and ever, remember? Remember, baby?"I closed my eyes as his frantic words drowned over me. I couldn't even fight him. I felt so damn tired and sad, but not angry. The anger hadn't come yet. What was going on between my heart and head was preteen grls too conflicted. My emotions hadn't reconciled with what I feel and what I saw. I know Adam wouldn't fuck around on me, but what in the hell did I see then?His heart beat in time with mine. I could feel it inside his chest pressed against mine. It was soothing and comforting. His hands slipped into mine and I looked up as something wet hit my cheeks. Adam's eyes were filled with tears that fell like they would never stop. He looked unbearably sad and broken.My hands raised and my fingers grazed against his temples. In that instant the Dragon's Tie that bound our souls flared. His telepathy triggered connecting our minds in a sudden leap, and his thoughts broadcasted loud and clear in my mind. I gasped as his thoughts slammed into my mind in a jumble dontleavemebabyminemineminedontpleasedontleavemeIneedyouwasntme. I quickly dropped my arms and the connection immediately severed."You never kissed him, ever?" I asked slowly."Never ever." The words were earnest and honest. There was no lie in his expressive eyes and immediately I knew."I know what I saw," I started, swallowing thickly.Adam squeezed my hands, his face crumbling. "Oh God, Chad please... believe in me."I placed two fingers against his lips silencing him. "I know what I saw... but I know who you are. I believe you.""Really?"Adam looked so hopeful, and there was so much unrestrained relief and pain in those two syllables. I mustered a smile that teased one from his own lips."Really," I answered, gripping his hands tight.I separated myself from him, stepping away from his porno preteen girl closeness. I was still confused and unsure. It was unavoidable. As my eyes involuntarily traced the curve of his lips, I knew that I did believe him."I love you so fucking much," said Adam, breaking out into an unexpected grin. He looked so happy, all flushed skin and bright, hopeful eyes. He was beautiful. I wanted nothing more than to jump into his arms, bury my face in the curve of his neck and never come up.A sniffle broke free and I couldn't stop my lip from quivering. I was shaking like no nud preteens I could come part at any moment. My vision blurred slightly with tears and I blinked a few times.Adam smiled beatifically, tears still falling silently down his jaw. "Sweetheart."He said the word like a prayer, and it was all I could stand not to start bawling. A short sob or laugh bubbled from my throat before I could help it and I was closing the distance between us in quick, short steps. I threw my arms around Adam's neck.Adam's sharp intake of breath felt like a caress against my skin, as I settled my face into the preteen modles girls curve of his neck. Arms settled on my hips before closing around my waist, holding me close like he was never going to let go.I sucked in a shaky breath breathing in his cologne. I squeezed him tighter trying to convey, `I love you' and `I'm sorry' and `I'll always believe in you' all without words. Adam held me tighter, fingers slipping into my hair, and his sigh sounded like `I know' and `I love you forever' and `you're everything to me'.Time passed oddly in that moment. It stretched on in an endless flow that minutes felt like hours and seconds felt like days, as we stood there, embracing like we've been lost and now we're found.I looked up and Adam met my eyes. His stare was loving and young preteen pantie filled with so much affection. I bit my lip and his eyes flicked downward to the action and they darkened. My pulse suddenly quickened as my heart jumped. Something must have shown on preteen nude cgiworld my face because Adam licked his lips, eyes fixated on me with something like hunger overcoming his expression.I lost my mind immediately as those hazel eyes traced over my skin. Something almost like rage, hot and fierce, and totally like mad, rabid lust crackled over my skin as his preteen xxx models stare zeroed in on me like I was water in the desert. erotic preteen picture I grabbed his shirt, twisting my fists in the fabric, and slammed him roughly into the wall behind him.A small, startled almost topless preteens gasp of air escaped Adam's mouth before I was all over him. My body rocked rhythmically preteen nudists families into his, preteen adult pic forcing him harder into the wall with every thrust, as my knee slipped up into the warm hardness of Adam's crotch. I could feel him against me long, big, and so fucking hard.This is crazy, doing this. Crazy in the fact that its Nathaniel's friggin' parlour room. And the others are somewhere beyond the room. But I couldn't seem to fully comprehend those ramifications, with the way Adam was just melting helplessly beneath me, responding to every single one of my touches making me so dizzy I somehow managed to forget where we were. Nothing existed in this moment, in this room, but Adam's candid preteen pics lips, Adam's body, thailand preteen sex Adam's dick grinding hard down on my knee as our bodies continued to thrust manically into each other like we wanted to be inside the others skin. It was kinky, it was wild and so damn hot."I was so...fucking...lost, baby, when I saw you and Killian..." I moaned into his mouth. My fingers wiggled between our bodies, making quick work of the button and zipper on Adam's jeans as my other hand continued to hold him in place."Wasn't me...God, it wasn't me...Love you..." he said between moans, body thrusting into me, straining to be closer, hips driving into mine with so much want.I kissed him fast, deep and rough. "I don't want anyone else touching you," I growled, forcing Adam's pants down with one hand while the other ran circles over his nipple under his shirt."I don't want anyone else kissing you," I continued, wrapping my hand hard and tight around Adam's thick, long cock and smiling at the way he groaned at my touch.The way it should be."And I don't even want anyone else looking at you, you got that?" I asked finally. Adam let out a small whimper, head thrown back as I licked at his throat. That little noise was all the answer I needed. "The thing is. I love you too fucking much."Adam's hands came up and grabbed my head tight by the base of my neck. He leaned our heads close pressing our foreheads together. Hazel eyes, heated and bright, sucked me in as I continued working at his cock with both hands wrapped tight and full around him, fingers deftly moving with purpose."Yours," Adam hissed out, his hips my naked preteen fisting forward as he fucked my hands. Suddenly his head darted forward and his lips pressed into mine, tongue slipping between my lips to lick inside preteen crossdresser pic my mouth till I was a poodle of goo. He grinned savagely, all the while rocking forward. "Mine.""Got that right," I breathed against his lips.Adam's entire body trembled violently at the sound of my voice, his eyes snapping open again, his forehead resting hot and sweaty against mine, as I tightened my grip and began to stroke him in long sweeps. Softly at first just like I liked it myself. The soft mewing noises he made were like jolts down my spine. It was an incredible turn on.Slow, languid pulls had Adam squirming nudist preteen piss against my grip before I picked up the pace, my thumb slipping over the wet slit in Adam cock before I dragged it down the vein."Yeah... just like that," Adam gasped, head thrown back.Adam's eyes slid shut again as I rubbed my thumb in a circle right under the head of his cock. And the groan that's ripped from his throat at that made my hips buck so hard little sex preteen that I'm half convinced that my jeans will be ripped apart. I grinded down against his leg, my erection pressing into body through denim covered skin.I could see Adam struggle to open his eyes to watch what I was doing with my hands, but the mounting pleasure was keeping him zoned out in sex high. I maneuvered myself in a better position and slowed my strokes, waiting for him to open his eyes. Then, finally, those beautiful hazel eyes that I loved so much opened and found mine. They locked together and neither of us wanted to break free. My hips moved as much as they could, and I twisted around for better friction on my own aching dick as I continued to tug on Adam's.My body began to move of its own accord, hips pumping and hand dragging and heart racing as I struggled just as hard as Adam to keep my eyes open. To keep nudist camps preteen looking at him. I was lost in a haze of sensation as all my senses grew overloaded with lust, need and want.Adam leaned forward and his tongue traced the top of my lip in a slow sweep, gentle and hot at the same time. Just like erotic preteen story him. His whispered, "I love you" was so open it was like seeing his soul laid before me."Love you too...only you...s'promise," I said, pressing gentle kisses against the taunt skin of his neck.And Adam moaned out his own promise as he cummed hard over my fist. Thick, white heat covered my hand and it was like a trigger for my own orgasm. I pumped a few more times roughly into Adam's thigh before cumming too. Stars exploded and white flashed before my eyes as the orgasm gripped me and rode me hard. Adam's tongue slid inside my mouth and that was all she wrote as I completely lost all control. You couldn't pay me to put together a coherent thought in this moment.Control and reality returned with a screech as a girlish scream pierced the fog of sex that clouded my head. We stiffened, slowly turning to the doorway and found Kevin, eyes wide and mouth open."Oh, God. Dirty man sex!" Kevin blurted out, eyes darting around the room looking for something, anything, to settle on but our fused bodies. "Nathaniel... uh...wants everyone back together. We're going to need the room... um...yeah. Five minutes."He disappeared from the room without a backward glance. I made a noise in the back of my throat that was a cross between a scream and groan. Oh God, God, God, God. My preteen 3d toon brother slash best friend just caught me in post-coital bliss, hand covered in cum, and pants stained with my own load.I hung my head. "Kill me now.""Kill me right after," muttered Adam, blushing from the neck all the way to his hair.I wiped Adam's cum on my hand onto my shirt. With a whispered word and a bit of will, I pushed magic through my fingers and smoothed them down my chest. My clothes freshened and went clean, like they had just come from the dry cleaners.Adam chuckled. "Impressive."I helped Adam tuck himself back in, zipping up his pants and trying not to envision Kevin's mortified face. A shudder went down my spine and Adam rubbed at my shoulders, laughing low in his throat."Don't laugh," I said, punching his shoulder. "How would you feel if your brother walked in on you?" I held up my hand as he opened his mouth. "Don't. That was rhetorical.""Yes, dear," he grinned.There was a knock and a voice called through the doorway. "Please be fully dressed and presentable."I rolled my eyes, feeling my cheeks warm. "We're dressed, jerk."Kevin wandered in, more like stumbled, with his hands over his eyes and frown on his face. Nathaniel followed behind, grimacing. He shot us a disdainful look that had us blushing and scuffing our toes against the carpet, like two adolescents caught by their parents. Nathaniel was the closest thing I've ever had to a father figure so that sounded about right."It's totally not my fault," I said quickly, faltering under Nathaniel's disapproval. "He seduced me!"Adam blinked at me. "You little bitch."Nathaniel curled his lip up. "I hope you didn't leave any fluids on the carpet.""Can we please not say fluids," said Kevin, scrubbing at his face. "I'm traumatized enough here!"He looked like he was going to be sick. I porno preteen photo grabbed Adam's hand and preteen pics teen made sure to sit on the far end of the couch hairy young preteens from him. Nathaniel was wise enough to grab a seat on the recliner away from Kevin's sickly expression.I cleared my throat. "Sorry the sexing in the living room.""I think I'm going to be sick," Kevin mumbled, fanning his face. "Cant. Get. Image. Out. Of. My. Head."Mortified was perfect for how I was feeling now. "This couldn't be anymore embarrassing."Shouting and the slam of doors echoed through the house. Ryan walked into the room, expression unreadable. He took a seat on the piano bench and crossed his arms. Before we could ask, Killian appeared in the doorway. He looked a hot mess. He was dripping wet from head to toe. His hair was plastered to his skull and the pitter patter of water dripping from his body was the only sound in the moment of silence."What. The Hell?" Kevin stuttered out.Adam cocked his head. "Should we, like, get him a towel or something?"I rolled my eyes and asked the question that should've been first. "What happened to you?"Killian scowled at Ryan, who turned his nose up and pointedly ignored him. "Ryan threw me in the fucking lake."Ryan sniffed haughtily. "Threw? More like pushed.""Seeing as how I was 13 feet away," said Killian, glowering. "Threw is a damn good verb.""Baby," Ryan muttered under his breath, rolling his eyes.I gaped at them. It was like the Twilight Zone. "Are you serious? Ryan you threw him into the lake?""He got a little upset when I told him it was me that threw the brick through the window of his car. He needed a cool down."Killian glared. "Forgive me for not being fine and dandy. Not everyone can shut off their emotions like you.""I'm far from emotionless right now," Ryan spat, glaring right back. "I'm fucking pissed. It's always great when my boyfriend makes out with other people right in front of me.""I don't even know what you're talking about!" Killian screamed, throwing his arms up. "I keep repeating myself but it's like you're not listening. I haven't kissed anyone else, ever. Especially Adam.""Was that an insult?" asked Adam quietly.I squeezed his hand. "In my mind it was a compliment."Ryan eyed our latino preteen pics joined hands with a dubious expression. "I see you forgave him."I shrugged. "There was nothing to forgive. They didn't kiss."Saying it out loud felt good. It was like a balm on the soul. Paired with the fantastic make-up sex it was exactly what the doctor ordered. Ryan frowned at my happy expression. I guess he didn't agree."Halle-fucking-lujah!" Killian snapped.He closed his eyes and his expression was furious. Golden bright light suddenly flickered around his body and he lit up brilliantly like a sun. We threw up our hands as blinding light spilled into the room. Slowly, I opened my eyes as the light cleared, blinking a few times to clear the spots. Killian now stood dry, arched eyebrow aimed at Ryan.Ryan ducked his head to hide his face. "You really preteen boy ilegal didn't do it?"Adam nodded shooting Ryan a reassuring smile. "I swear that whatever you saw it wasn't what it was. It wasn't us."We watched as Ryan turned his eyes to the floor, his stare boring holes into the carpet. His face went thoughtful as he no doubt ran the memory in his mind, calculating their sincerity and reconciling it with what he saw. He russian preteen sites was a logical person. It was just the way he was wired."I'm..." Ryan began after a long, long moment. "I'm sorry." He looked up at Killian, his tone so sincere it would move an angel to tears. "Killer...I'm so, so sorry."Killian narrowed his eyes. "Now you believe me. I feel so much better about us now. Great."The sarcasm was so thick it was practically flying through the air, slapping Ryan in the face. I got whiplash just hearing it. I clenched Adam's hand harder with a sinking feeling settling in my stomach."You don't even realize," said Ryan, startling us all by letting out a bitter laugh. "When we go out... you don't see the way people look at us. Women, men... Everyone looks at us and smiles. And you know what they're thinking?" He shook his head, smiling sadly. "What's that gorgeous boy doing with him?"Killian was impossibly good looking. He turned heads even on a bad day. Surprisingly he didn't go on a lot of dates before Ryan came along. People just assumed he was out of their league. I didn't think Ryan felt that way as well."Sometimes I wonder what someone like you sees in a beautiful preteen nudes guy like me," said Ryan. "You can have anyone you want. People flirt with you right in front of me, all the time. You have no idea how that feels to be looked over."Killian looked away and said quietly, "All my life people have looked at me. I'm used to that crap. You were the first person who actually video preteen girls saw me for me. I would never screw around with preteen gallery board your heart. I made a promise to you. And honestly I don't know what hurts more: the fact that you didn't believe me when I told you the truth, or that you don't trust in me to never fuck around."Ryan shook his head wildly, eyes wide and pleading. "Killer, no. I...""Not now," Killian sighed, sounding more tired than anything. "I'm over it. We'll talk later.""We're not good, are we?" asked Ryan quietly.Time hung suspended for one awful second."No, Ryan..." Killian shook his head, answering erotic stories preteen back in the same tone. "We really aren't."I wanted to say something, anything to former preteen models make it all better for them. But what could I say. Looking at their faces was enough to quell us all into silence. The silence that smothered the room was oppressive in its awkwardness. Kevin looked at Nathaniel with an child preteen pic expectant stare."Um..." The advisor began all flustered and befuddled. "I topless preteentits suppose we should figure out what you boys saw, since it was obviously an illusion of some kind."I shook my head, tearing my eyes away from Killian's dour expression and Ryan's misery. "It wasn't an illusion. I would've felt it. The magic holding something like that together plays with the atoms in the air. Any magic sensitive person would feel it."Kevin ran a hand through his hair, sighing. "Okay, so maybe shapeshifters?""It's a possibility," said Nathaniel thoughtfully. "But that doesn't explain how Chad's double got in here foros preteen and stole his iPod."A light bulb went off in my head and I said triumphantly, "I told you that wasn't me that took the iPod! Fuck you, bitches.""We kind of dutch preteens got that now," said Kevin slowly. His expression said `are you fucking serious'. "It's kind of obvious given the circumstances."I pouted. "Hey now, it's not my fault my mind was occupied. I was going through some things, dick."Adam leaned over and placed a light kiss against my temple. "You look so cute when you pout."My pout split into a smile and I looked up at him. "Oh, yeah?"He grinned. "Yeah."A groan broke our locked gazes. Kevin made a disgusted face. "I see you two are back to being sickingly cute."I wanted to make a sarcastic comment to that, but seeing as how Ryan and Killian looked like they were at a funeral I decided that it would be super inappropriate."It's not shapeshifters," said Ryan quietly. "Shapeshifters can change their appearance, morph into a different person or animal. But it's not a complete change. They can't change their entire DNA, preteen crazy it's too complex."I got where he was going with this, and picked up on his trail of thought. "The sensors in the outpost would've detected an intruder." I racked my brain, thinking. "Maybe they're doubles from an alternate universe who are stuck here until they can go to another dimension, never knowing which leap will be the leap home."Adam closed his eyes, fighting a smile. "Baby this is preteen tweens bbs neither an episode of Sliders or Quantum Leap.""So far there's a duplicate of Chad, Adam and Killian," said Kevin. "And we don't know what their agenda is."I nodded. "The only thing we can do is keep an eye out. It's not like we can throw up a bat signal and make them come to us.""I agree," said Adam.Nathaniel made a noise of agreeance. "It's the most reasonable course of action."Killian stood up and clapped his hands together. He looked anything other than excited. "Alright then, meeting's adjourned. I'm going home."Ryan jumped up like his seat was on fire. "Wait, Killian!""I have to go," said Killian, looking everywhere teen tits preteen but Ryan. "I have homework.""Killian?" Ryan asked, his tone was so very small and hesitant.Killian's shoulders tensed as he froze. He bit his lower lip, surveying Ryan with boy preteen com an unreadable expression that was mixed with sorrow, anger, disappointment and something else. Ryan's face fell, preteen pics lingerie crumbling into sadness. Killian shook his head and left. Nathaniel laid his hand on Ryan's shoulder and Kevin gripped the other shoulder. Ryan mumbled something that resembled a goodbye, shook off their holds and darted from the room. My heart clenched at the sight of tears trailing down his face. I stepped forward and Kevin shook his head."Chad, don't," preteen lotita bbs he said, holding out his arm. "You have to let them get through this."I rounded on him. "What the hell? They're our friends! We have to try and help them. preteens porn gallery Killian's just being a moron and stubborn. Ryan obviously has some hidden issues and it just kind of blew up with what went down.""You can be their friend and be there when they need you to be, but right now they need time with their own thoughts and feelings."He looked so serious and the sincerity of his words was true. I stared at him, stupefied. It wasn't often that I saw Gaius shining through, but moments like this was strong reminder of the fact that my past-life brother and best first nude preteen friend were one being. A powerful and strong presence shone in his eyes that slowly faded, replaced by their normal brightness as the moment passed. Then, Kevin was himself again watching me with a small smile. I blinked. Whoa. He looked older for a moment there, more like his past self than anything. Geez, was that who Kevin really was now when he wasn't suppressing himself?"Hello? Major Tom to Ground Control," said Adam, waving his hand in front of my face.I shook my head, blinking. "Uh, hey?""You zoned out for a second there. You okay?""I'm fine. I just got caught up in my thoughts."Nathaniel sighed. "I think its best if we call it a night."Here, here. I could get down with that.*** People throw around "oh this is the worst school day ever"; well they never had the day I had. Unless your two friends are in the middle of a weird relationship "Cold preteen sexpics gallery War" then there was nothing to compare to. The entire day was filled with frozen smiles, stiff postures, and silent stares. Killian and Ryan were the stars of this show. Adam, Kevin and I were simply the co-stars who were forced to be in the middle of their epic lovers' battle.Killian had arrived to school early, full of fake smiles and cheer. If you knew him it was easy to spot. None of his smiles never quite reached his eyes. Ryan came late, slipping into second period with bags under his eyes and not a drop of product in preteen diggest his hair. It was all thick and wild, kind of adorably ruffled. He even forgot to put on his glasses. Not that he needed them, but they were more for comfort than anything.I tried joking with him but he couldn't even muster up enough energy to pretend to smile. Lunch was no better. Ryan stared at the table the whole meal and Killian sat another table, yet you could still feel the tension. We tried to cheer Ryan up, coax him into conversation but it proved impossible. Just having Killian in the vicinity, put a damper on his already dejected mood. I wanted them to just fix it.I wanted Killian to get off his high horse and I wanted Ryan to man up. All this would go away if they'd just talk.It wasn't as simple as that though. It never was when feelings were involved, especially when those feelings were hurt.The last bell couldn't have come soon enough. When the tune ricocheted through the halls I was out of the classroom door like Flash. I stuffed my books in my locker, breathing out the biggest sigh known to man.A pair of arms slipped around my waist, and I instinctively leaned back into a familiar chest."I got a surprise for you," whispered Adam, licking lightly at the tip of my ear.I jabbed an elbow into his stomach and moved away from him. "Hey now what'd we discuss about feeling each other up in the hallways. Remember how Principal Stevens gave us that big PDA lecture just two days ago.""I remember," he sighed, not sounding very contrite. He moved to my side as a group of overexcited Freshmen almost trampled him on their way to the exit. "So, I still have a surprise for you."I raised my eyebrow. "Is this the part where I forum preteen nn ask, is it long and hard and just for me?""You're such a perv," Adam laughed, hazel eyes twinkling with humor. He reached into his messenger bag. "Close your eyes."I laughed. "Oh, kinky.""Just do it, freak."I closed my eyes as commanded and preteen fotomodellen felt something slim and light drop into my hand. I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped and shattered on the floor. Decorated with a pretty blue bow was an iPod Touch. It looked exactly like the one stolen from me. I looked up at Adam and he looked way too proud of himself, shaved boys preteen beaming and practically bouncing in place like a hyped up puppy."Light up, little elf. Light up!" Adam grinned.I opened my mouth and it took six times to find my voice. "What...?"Adam laughed, throwing his head back, and gleefully said, "I made you speechless. I'm totally awesome.""This is for me? These are, like, ridiculously expensive," I tried and failed to keep the wonder from my voice.He shrugged. "Your man has stacks on deck."I snorted. "Please stop trying to insert hip hop into our daily lives."Adam smiled widely and ran his fingers down the side of my face. "Seriously you know my family is well off. It's not a big deal. What's the preteen anime naked best part is the playlist I already setup on it."A grin broke out on my face. He was the sweetest person I'd ever met. This was why I believed him so quickly. Adam just didn't have a cheating bone in his body. He was wholly genuine and good just like the sky was blue or Prada was divine."You made me a mix?" I asked, matching his huge moist preteen angel smile.Adam quite blatantly dropped his gaze to my mouth, then looked up into my eyes before saying softly, "They're songs that make me think about you, about us and what you mean to me."Oh. Fuck. He couldn't just say and do things like that and expect me to be fine. My mouth went dry and knees simultaneously went weak. I stumbled back into my locker, hitting it with a solid thump. I was immune to the curious glances from naturist preteens beach people crossing the hall. Adam grabbed my shoulders and I could feel his fingertips press into my skin, searing hot like pokers that sent pleasurable electric tingles down my spine."I don't know how I went without you so long," I said, staring up at him in awe. "It's amazing that I love you more every single day.""Funny cause I feel the exact same way," he whispered, leaning in and pressing his lips gently against mine. "You're so addicting. They need a patch for you.""Just go to loveaholics," I joked. "It's *****er and everyone knows your name, `Hey, Adam'."He mock glared. "Hey now, no jokes while your man is being all romantical.""Anything for you. I do love it, but you didn't have to do this.""But I wanted to," he replied easily.I played with a button on his button-down shirt. "You don't always have to be so sweet and perfect. I'm a sure thing."Adam laughed full of knowing amusement. "Pretty Woman?"Did I mention how much I loved him?*** Starbucks drink in hand, headphones in my ear, and smile on my face. The setting sun shined on my skin as I walked down Park Avenue in the east side of the city. I skipped to the next song on the iPod and grinned. It was a loose mix of genres, but it was a tightly cohesive playlist. Adam meant what he said. And I got it. The playlist was about me, what I meant to him, and it was about us a couple. It was kind of amazing.I waited in a small group of people for the traffic light to flash walk. It sucked that I had to park two blocks away, but at least I got what I came for. My fingers slipped into my pocket and touched the edges of the tickets. Adam wasn't the only one with moves in this relationship.I wanted to wait till his birthday on Thursday, but I was dying to surprise him. It took a bit out of my savings but I managed to score tickets to the musical "Wicked". It wasn't Broadway, preteen art tgp but it was touring and would be in Centennial in half a week. Adam was going to have a heart-attack, or maybe a panties preteen wet small stroke. mexican preteen pussy I couldn't wait to see his face. It was his favorite musical, like, ever and ever. Hell, the first song he'd ever sang to me was from the show. And God knows my baby loved his showtunes.Loved was being nice, really. Adam had played the Baker in our school's production of "Into the Woods" for the winter musical and rocked the role like he was born to play it. At the urging of the drama teachers Adam applied to Juiliard and representatives had come out to see the show. And he had been magnificent.The light flashed walk and I joined the throng of people crossing. Everything was changing. Killian and Ryan were fighting. Kevin was fully Atlantean. His grades were perfect and school was childishly easy to him now. And Adam was turning eighteen and if he got accepted into Juiliard for next fall, he would be leaving for New York in six months.That shouldn't make me sad. I was the most powerful magic user this world has ever seen and Adam was my soulmate. What was a long distance relationship compared to that? Nothing. But I couldn't stop the pang in my heart every preteens nude picture time I thought about separating. We weren't one of those couples who spent every second with each other, but hearing story after story of failed long distance relationships... well it makes you wonder, could any relationship survive it. I wasn't freaking out about it but the doubt was there, growing.The parking lot was coming up around the corner and I fished out my keys from the pocket of my hoodie. The wind stirred tickling my nose and I let out a sneeze that shook me so hard I dropped my keys. Geez, talk preteen manga about total spaz. I looked around to make sure no one saw my geek moment. I bent over to pick up the keys when something darted in between my legs with lightning speed. A webring photography preteen shout of surprise left my lips and I stumbled over, falling backward and landing on my ass."Oh, shit," I swore, rubbing my tailbone. "What the fuck?""Awwww, Kitty!"Startled, I looked up at the sound of my own voice. Dressed in a pair of cargo pants and gray t-shit was me. desnuditas preteens Blue eyes looked up from the cat clutched in his arms to settle on me. Seeing myself or whatever, holding a motherfucking cat like a friggin' teddy bear was like a dagger in my heart. I would never voluntarily hold a cat. This imposter was most definitely not totally me."Who are you?" I ground out, dragging myself up and onto a bench.My double took a seat on the opposite end, cat in his lap and bright smile on his face. "I'm you. Kind of. The name's Cobalt.""Cobalt? Are you kidding?" I deadpanned.`Cobalt' narrowed his eyes. "I couldn't keep your dumb ass name, anime preteen boys now could I?"Hell to the no. I really didn't like this prick. "You took my iPod?""It's partly mine too, since after all, I'm you," he clarified, smugly. He smirked at my confusion. "You really don't know what preteen photos bbs am I? What we are. Think back, months back, when you and your merry band of cocksuckers broke into the Unlenting's base. You remember the Order of the Dying Star don't you?"My lips thinned into a single line. "How could I forget?""Where was I, oh account x preteen yes, you found their army of clones, the skinwalkers. You boys were touching when you only should've been looking." He laughed, throwing his head, and sounding entirely too gleeful. It sent shivers down my spine. "You all touched a skinwalker, interrupting the cloning process, and the clones went boom raining you all in goo."I was starting to get a really bad feeling. I closed my eyes remembering that exact memory. The clones had destabilized and showered slime all over us. It had been icky and gross and unforgettable. My eyes widened as the pieces fitted together. Cobalt nodded, smiling and clapping his hands."Yes, Pinocchio, some day you will be a real boy!"I stared at him with new eyes. "You're a clone. You all are. The slime was cloning gel."He nodded happily. "It bonded to the DNA in your skin cells. It took months before it finally matured into us. See, we are you. Only better, smarter, and sure as fuck better looking."I licked my lips. "What do you want?"Cobalt paused, looking at me for a long moment. Then finally he blinked. He didn't smile or frown. He stared at me expressionless. It was unnerving and the cat sensed the shift and took off. Obviously it recognized a bigger evil than itself."We want to rule. We're tired of the status quo," Cobalt's voice was eerily bland and toneless. "All these powers and abilities and we're supposed to do nothing? Fuck that, we're here and we want to be treated as the gods that we are. If we have to kill a few million to prove our point..." He shrugged. "So be it."Fuck. Insane megalomaniac clones, this was so typical. My fists clenched as anger pumped through my veins. I was so sick and preteen sven tired of these bullshit bad guys fucking up what little piece we preteen thong toplist earned."You know we'll stop you," I said coldly.Cobalt's eyes took on an ominous glow. They were unnaturally blue, and within their depths sparked currents of electricity, flickering like flashes of lightning. There was a rumble in the sky and storm clouds rolled in from the North. Wind picked up blowing through the streets in a terrible flurry that sent people staggering backward, some falling completely off their feet. His face was twisted into a furious parody of itself. He looked like a vengeful demi god ready to deal vengeance. Dear God did I look like this when I was well and truly pissed?Cobalt leaned closer, his breath ghosting across my face as he asked softly, "Are you scared?"I bared my teeth and growled, "Hell no."His head cocked to the side, curiously. "Why not?"There was a sudden sharp pain in my gut. I jerked away from Cobalt and looked down. A knife was buried deep in my gut, the handle jutted out tauntingly. Cold seeped into my bones as I grew light headed, and preteens with webcams so very cold. I grabbed the handle as I went into a sudden coughing fit. I barely felt the blood come up till it poured from my mouth, coating my chin and running down my neck never ending.The world went oddly blurry. Now matter how much I blinked or tried to focus I couldn't. I felt suddenly weak and exhausted. I was dying, I realized distantly as the pain became a hellish agony.Cobalt appeared in my line of sight unfocused, studio preteen but I could still make out his condescending smirk. "Oh look, that wound looks all... fatal." He giggled. "I bet tight russion preteen it itches.""," I preteen model gabby gasped out.Saying even two words managed to zap at the remaining strength I had left. This was how it was going to end. After everything a knife wound was going to take me preteen young bbs out. Fuck.Ryan appeared next to Cobalt. It wasn't Ryan. The hair was too short, the face too cold. The clone, then."Couldn't you have just slit his throat? His coughing is annoying," said Ryan's duplicate.Cobalt shrugged, inspecting his nails. "You care so much, Reece. You do it then."Reece bent over the bench and grabbed the knife's handle tight. He winked at me and gave the knife a hard push that sent white hot pain surging down my insides. He twisted it sharply and a horrible wave of sensation flooded over me. My grip on life, hope and my thoughts was yanked away and everything went black.*************************************************************************** Thanks for reading. Sorry for the cliffhanger. I seem to be getting nude photography preteen good at those. For the scene Cobalt was referring to with the clones origins see: Heaven's Trumpet-10. I hope you liked the introduction of the clones. They've been in the works for awhile.Adam's playlist for Chad (can be downloaded here OBCR - "As Long As You're Mine" RENT OST - preteen kid hard "I Should Tell You" Spring Awakening OBCR - "Touch Me" Boys Like Girls - "Thunder" Shiny Toy Guns - "Season of Love" Chris Brown - "Forever" Dashboard Confessional - "Hands Down" High School Musical OST - "You Are the Music in Me" Juno OST - "Anyone Else But You" Michael Jackson - "The Way You Make Me Feel" -- Drop me an email here. - Chosen forum. For updates/discussion -- The Chosen Wiki (Still in Progress)
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